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Our clients are independent generators, property groups, utility retailers and commercial energy users.  We are a solutions business providing critical technology and services for these clients.  We have provided below examples of our client solutions for the target sectors we are servicing, however if you have an energy or utility related issue or opportunity then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirement.

  • I am a property company.

    We are a leading provider of energy and solutions to the property industry with over 40 property group clients from the large listed property groups through to individual owners and body corporates. Our complete energy solutions services via our Simply Energy businesses include construction site electricity supply, metering set-up, ongoing supply, on-site generation and energy efficiency solutions. We can structure arrangements and services to provide energy cost savings and deliver sustainability objectives to your property.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements or to understand more about our services. it’s all taken care of!

    For more information visit www.simplyenergy.co.nz/services/

  • I am an independent generator.

    We are the leading provider of generation services for independent generators in New Zealand and assist with new generation projects to navigate the process for connecting the generator, establishing compliant metering, ongoing reconciliation, compliance and settlement services. Our services include spot market sales, automated price signals to optimise wholesale market value and where applicable to secure embedded benefits. The SEL Capital business provides complementary trading and risk management solutions to evaluate and implement commercial structures to optimise the value of your generation within appropriate risk frameworks. Our clients include some of the largest independent generators through to micro scale generation, who work with us to provide market insight and licenses to ensure they are achieving the best value for their generation. It’s all taken care of!

    For more information visit www.simplyenergy.co.nz/services

  • I want a smart meter enabled retail solution.

    We are the leading provider of White Label retail services for businesses that require a turn-key solution or speed to market for a retail offering. Our retail solutions business enables you to retail electricity based around a new business model / offering or to an existing client base you are already servicing. You can be an independent generator wishing to secure more retail margin, a telco company wishing to add electricity to your services, or a solar, HVAC, or electrical contractor looking to complement your core services by retailing electricity.

    We have an enviable track record of speed to market by enabling you to retail electricity without dealing with market complexities and myriad of network, metering, field services and meter reading companies. It’s all taken care of!

    For more information visit www.simplyenergy.co.nz/services

  • I am a commercial electricity user.

    With over 1000 commercial energy customers we supply electricity to, our energy management strategies with large energy consumers has seen us placed as a finalist in the EECA Awards for innovation. We focus on direct wholesale supply solutions and were the first electricity retailer in New Zealand to offer direct spot supply to our customers as our default offering. Building on this, we now provide wholesale tariff and hedges and automated price signals, along with monitoring and control systems to more effectively manage and report your energy use to drive cost savings.  It’s all taken care of!

    For more information visit www.simplyenergy.co.nz/services

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We genuinely partner with our clients through service agreements and joint ventures to identify and implement new businesses and solutions.

We enable our clients to participate in New Zealand’s energy and utility markets by taking the hassle, the detail and the hard work out of buying, selling, reconciliation, billing and data analytics for energy and utility services.

We help you save money, create additional revenue and build goodwill — it’s all taken care of.


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